About Us

The Golden-Pages was founded by Mr. Legend O. Newton, Mr. A. K. Croucher and Mr. M. W. M. Kyota. The idea became a reality after partnering for awhile with many other companies in the areas of commodity trade and building construction. The Golden-Pages, also known as the (GP) is successfully operating at NO. 133 Commissioner Street, in the Johannesburg CBD, and at No. 10 North Road, Regents Park Estate, Johannesburg, GAUTENG PROVINCE area for the past few years. We have been trading on heavy commodities, working on both small and 4 large scale constructions, repairs and maintenance, alteration projects focusing on residential contractions, and Maintenance.
The (Golden-Pages) began as a registered corporation in the early months of 2004 as a close corporation with the Equatorial Trading Company LLC when Mr. Legend O Newton was the President & (CEO) of Equatorial trading Company (ETC). Owing to the challenges that (ETC) was facing at the time, the members of ETC decided to merge in partnership of few members of some other associate companies in the same trade interest to form Golden-Pages. The coming together of all the associate groups was the only why ATI stood the test of time, and its contemporaries After few years of trading in partnership with few of its allies such as MOTRADE, TEXACO, CON OIL, MOBIL, BP, CHEVRON etc., the (Golden Pages) became a registered and independent company with the SOUTH AFRICAN COMPANIES AND INTELECTUAL PROPERTY REGISTRATION OFFICE (CIPRO), with registration no. 2010/007063/07 and under the leadership of Mr. Willem H. Gunter.
According to the recent statics of successes and challenges, the (Golden-Pages) is believed to have planted the best structure that most of its counterparts in the same market will always dream about. It is believed to have achieved beyond the years and experience in establishment, and will soon breakthrough in most of its business plans and foundation. With her perfect knowledge in the emerging new market frontier, there is a great and a wonderful prospect in the future for the (Golden-Pages).
Apart from being a Stock or Equity trader, the GOLDEN-PAGES CO. LTD, also known as the (GP) is a consulting and trading group which negotiates and trades on such Commodities and Services’ as briefly depicted or described below:
1) The Golden-Pages are group of traders in such products as DIESEL (D2, D5, 50PPM, 500PPM, and 5000PPM), JET FUEL (JP54), Octane Gasoline 87, 93, 95, LIQUIFIED NATURAL GAS (LNG), LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG), BITUMEN CEMENT etc.
2) We also provide consulting or facilitating services in the trade of: ROUGH DIAMONDS, GOLD DUST, PLATINIUM, SILVER ORE etc. Our consulting and facilitating services also extend to other metallic minerals as; IRON ORE, CHROME ORE, ALUMINIUM, COPPER, SILICON etc.
3) We also trade in food products such as; WHEAT, MAIZE, SORGHUM, PEANUTS, COCO SEADS, OLIVE OIL, PALM OIL, SUNFLOWER OIL, LONG AND SHORT GRAIN RICE etc. We guarantee 100% insurance for the delivery of any of the above products.
4) We also provide loans to emerging Businesses and Creative ideas with the prospect of harnessing huge capital resources through such ideas. We provide the required or needed capital for such idea through our existing line of credit. Thus, we are only able to do such extraordinary investments through a bank aided collateral or instrument from any world prime banks such as; ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND (RBS), BNP PARIBAS, SUISSE CREDIT, BARCLAYS BANK etc. We are only be able to harness such great capital from such collateral or credit facilities as; STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT (SBLC), BANK GUARANTEE (BG) via (MT760) only from prime banks, MEDIUM TERM NOTE (MTN), DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT (DLC) via only MT700.
5) If any of our Immediate and future customers are not familiar with any of the above Products and Services, and how to go about acquiring the best profit margin from it. We are able to then 5 provide free services in educating them on the comprehensive knowledge of such Products and Services, and how to best acquire any of the above credit encoding facilities.