In a world where there are fewer opportunities

it is always ideal to invest in a productive business


Productive Business

In a world where there are fewer opportunities, it is always ideal to invest in a productive business venture. It is a total risk to spend so much without sources of income to replace or cover for all your expenses.



The (Golden-Page) are professional investment managers and professionals. They have done extensive research on the best way investment can be short and positive investment outcome.


Gold Pages

The (Gold Pages) is absolutely managed and piloted by trusted and reliable professionals. It is 100% managed by top platform book makers whose professionalism ensures...


Capital Invest

Thus, it implies that whatever capital invested in our (Golden-Pages) is completely guaranteed to be returned your investment at 50 % interest within 35 days of our trading period...

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The (Golden-Page) will honor their promised interest !

The (Golden-Page) will honor their promised interest according to our tailored terms and conditions proposed or stated within our contracts.

Innovative Solutions

Secure at least five large scale commercial contracts over the next three years.

On Time Services

Maintaining a trusted and favorable workforce within a long period of time.

Best Support

Depending solely on expanding and exploring other market areas with the interest of expanding within our sufficient funds.

Golden-Pages Investment Platform

The (Golden-Page) will honor their promised interest according to our tailored terms and conditions proposed or stated within our contracts. We are going to comply with every of our proposed investment rules with every expected benefits, and will expedite our guaranteed
promises to the best of our ability. We want our partners who may trade or invest with us to experience the best, and will live to testify after every business investment. Every of our business adventures are for the interest of a smooth and progressive future business relations. Our concept is to create more business networks that will advance and improve the financial status of our friends in business, while creating an opportunity for us to grow of capital as well.

No amount is too small or too big to get started with our trade. However, it is ideal to get started with a reasonable equity to be able to control and manage our margin for the best outcome to our best ability. A good trade outcome will enable us to pay our commissions after all. This is so that we can be able to bring out the best in every of our trade program. A KYC may be required in the process to enable us have a perfect information about your interest. We will like you to provide us with such information for us to commence with the process of getting you into our investment program, and will go a long to help us plan for a good time frame for the trade. We have two (2) time frames for our (Gold Pages Investment Opportunity), which is between six (6) & Twelve (12) Months period. After which we may have to renew our terms for another trading season. However, below are some of our charts with a clearer picture of what we’ve been able to do regarding the CFD trade in the past year.
From 2015 to 2018, the Golden Pages has been able to manage more than $70,734,600 (Seventy Million, Seven Hundred and Thirty Four Thousand, Six Hundred United States Dollars) for both individuals and companies in both assets and capital between 2015& 2018 in the foreign exchange, and some of the programs are still in progress as we present this chart. We have just started, and we never knew that we were able to achieve such greatness.

Trading in GOLD COINS is as old as any global market, and has been tried out by lots of Companies and Individuals. This area of opportunity is a possibility which has been striving advancement in the modern equity market, and has further broadened the possibilities and benefits of capital enhancement. Most individuals and companies are surviving the large scale world of currencies through the defined professionalism of the best world brokers. However, we have established the best crops of professionals that money can buy to watch and follow the market trend of currencies with addictive interest, and with precisions as well.

Thus, the EQUITY MARKET is one of the promising places to invest your capital with 100% guaranteed profit every month. We are always keeping watchful eyes over the market trend to be able to advice our partners and investors on the best assets to place Buy OR Sell on. We trade with the best online brokers, and who are believed to be the best in the world of market analysis. You may be required to invest your capital with us, and let us enlarge it within a good margin. It is also important to bring to your knowledge that we can as well pay you ahead of time if there is a written permission towards that.
If you intend to invest in the GOLDEN-PAGES INVESTMENT PLATFORM, then you should write our investment unit through the following email ID: OR , and more information will be provided with a brochure to trade with us to you for a follow up. If you have been introduced by any broker, then you will be required to include your broker in the process. We believe that whoever may have participated in the process should be rewarded accordingly. However, if there are questions or concerns you may need to be addressed, then you can reach us through the following number for educative interaction.

Telephone: +27-(0)-73-423-0837.

Any information that we may request from you will be used in setting up account for you with any of our trading brokers. We expect to have your interest in ASSETS INVESTMENT; IT IS THE NEW FUTURE ONBOARD. Whether it is BREXIT or NOT, whether it is any MAJOR world EVENT or NOT, we grow your interest without excuses.

Our Services

(Golden-Pages) renders a lot of services to both its immediate and extended communities. With the recent statistics, it is hard to believe that her immediate market is slowly going global. Thus, we intend to expand along with our recent capital strength to other business prospect which is within and beyond the shores of our establishment. Our business is mainly depending on professional knowledge of the experts and associates that we are connected with. We also intend to extend humanitarian services to our immediate communities around through the assistance of other NPO’s, and many other organizations alike that are within the same concept of humanitarian gestures.


We conduct Consultations and Negotiations for companies, and with traders alike through a mutual agreement in the interest and benefit of all the parties...

Which may be involved in the process in a bid to realize a profitable objective together. We also serve as Sellers and Resellers to most of our goods and services, and this is to make sure that the interest and satisfaction of our clients is made our first hand priority by engaging on providing their needs with our resources. We try the best we can to give the best prices in every of our commodity negotiation. We conduct a clear and smart Due Diligence (DD) on every of our new contacts, and intending allies through the knowledge and expertise of our partners in various destinations around the world.


We have built so many Schools, Hospitals, Libraries, Sports Arenas etc, through our humanitarian gesture in the interest of our immediate communities.

Apart from our humanitarian obligations, we also grant scholarships to both Individuals and Scientific Organizations who aspire in the field of inventions and technologies.

We Can Do Better

We also employ individuals and companies who share the same ideas and principles we cherish and adore to the core. We entrust and pay for every obligation...

we owe to all the people we employ in the process of bringing out the best along every negotiation we may find our way. Our major passion in trading is to build strong and reliable trading professionals for a more prospective and helpful business networking that will benefit everyone involved. We base our philosophy on the motto that (TOGETHER WE CAN DO BETTER). Team work is what makes us a great and powerful force in business, and we do not intend to change this business principal now, and not in the near future. We have experiment and experienced a more comfortable business growth in the few years that we have applied such principles. We believe that our business ideas are the only key to our new success. Thus, this is the perfect key to any successful business.

Our Markets

Our immediate area of business is slowly taking off at the moment, and the overall business growth during the past years have averaged approximately 5.5%,

and it is expected to continue to increase for at least the next seven (7) years. This makes for a very attractive market for the (Golden-Pages). We will be concentrating on several Projects that will provide us with the greatest margin in figures. In other words those clients desiring supplies at a huge scale will be honored to partner with us in long term contracts. This is the fastest growing segments of commercial clients who require our services. The other categories that we will serve include the Road Construction, Building Construction, Transportation, Airline etc for our future potentials clients.

Non-Profit Organization

Also, we are concerned with the development of our immediate community through our resources. We do this through the help of a great number of reliable...

Non-Profit Organization (NPO’S), and many other organizations alike. We believe strongly in human development, and this is the reason we have chosen to educate the younger generations on the need to be independent, and self-reliance. This is why we are on the campaign of building schools, Hospitals, Sports Arenas, Libraries and Skills Acquisition centers to encourage the dreams and aspirations of every growing child. This is what we believe to be the best form of development.

Financial Considerations

(Golden-Pages) has only a small amount of debt and intends to stay that way, and until when it will consider becoming a Public Liability Company (PLC).

We expect to see increased profits from our market shift efforts by the end of Year 2020. Over the next three years, we expect lower profits as we make inroads into MORE Complex and Capital demanding market Areas. We estimate that we will be able to reduce marginal costs and increase overall profitability by Year 3 or Year 4 as we grow and take advantages of economies of scale.

Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time!